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Welcome to CannaSher Wellness

Welcome to CannaSher Wellness, a leading Canadian company dedicated to crafting premium cannabis-infused body care. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding the high standards set by Health Canada, GMP, and EUGMP.

At CannaSher Wellness, our mission is your complete satisfaction. Our dedication shines through in every aspect, from the quality of our products to our efficiency, strict safety measures, and the use of natural ingredients.

Embark on your wellness journey with us today. Experience the future of well-being through our exceptional white-label solutions, tailored to elevate your self-care routine. 

Unveiling our inaugural product for the first time,  

CBD 600mg Roll-On


Step into a realm of wellness with the unveiling of our inaugural product, the meticulously crafted CBD 600mg Roll-On.

In this extraordinary creation, our pride shines through a formula thoughtfully composed of only four premium ingredients. We elevate your experience by blending high-quality CBD extract with the nourishing essence of Hemp oil, serving as the carrier, and infusing it with the timeless preservation qualities of Rosemary Extract. To magnify its benefits, we've enriched the formula with Beta-Caryophyllene, renowned for its potential anti-inflammatory properties.

This Roll-On isn't just a product; it's a testament to the harmony of nature and our commitment to crafting a thoughtful gateway to a rejuvenated lifestyle. Embrace the serenity of our carefully curated Roll-On — your passport to a revitalized way of living. 

Why choose CannaSher Roll-ons? 

Effortless application:

Enjoy an easy-to-use, mess-free application, providing a seamless experience at any time. The convenient design ensures a hassle-free application process .

Precision in Relief:

Achieve targeted and controlled relief with our roll-ons, ensuring accurate application to specific areas for effective and precise results.

On-the-Go Wellness

Portable and travel-friendly, our roll-ons offer relief wherever life takes you. Experience wellness on the go with the convenience of CannaSher Roll-Ons, ready to support your well-being anytime, anywhere.

Explore the Exclusive, White Label Opportunity

Discover the potential to elevate your brand with our White Label program, offering customization for our popular 3oz roll-on cannabis topicals

Why choose Our White Label Program?
As licensed producers, we recognize the significance of tailoring products to cater to the diverse needs of your customers. With our White Label program, you have the exclusive opportunity to customize our acclaimed 3oz roll-on cannabis topicals.

Endless Possibilities:
  • Oil Types:   Choose from a variety of oil types to create a product that resonates with your clientele.
  • Cannabinoid Concentrations:   Tailor the potency of your roll-ons to meet specific preferences and needs.
  • Terpene Profiles:   Craft a unique sensory experience by selecting distinctive terpene profiles.
  • Incorporate Your Extract or Flower:   Infuse your brand essence by incorporating your cannabis extract or flower.

This program empowers you to curate a truly personalized product that not only aligns with your brand identity but also caters to the nuanced preferences of your consumers.

Seize this unique opportunity to make your mark in the industry. Join our White Label program and redefine the cannabis topical experience for your clientele.

Contact us today to start this exciting journey  

and elevate your Wellness with CannaSher Wellness.